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  EMISSION DU 22/10/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 next exit to nowhere love is a sweet melody - autoproduction

1 beatnik filmstars supreme queener in great shape track & field

3 don caballero mmmmm acting, i love me some good acting world class listening problem relapse

4 sonic youth the neutral rather ripped geffen

5 bardo pond endurance ticket crystals atp

5 alcian blue angelica take me down angelica take me down sarafin

7 alcian blue see you shine alcian blue elephant stone

7 alcian blue grave water - autoproduction

7 ex-models feat. kid millions headlines chrome panthers troubleman unlimited

7 erase errata retreat! at crystal palace blast first

10 mary timony hard times are hard! ex hex lookout!

11 taïfun astounding silence v/a: linge propre entre amis program uno honest house

11 robin guthrie radiance continental rocket girl

11 don caballero and and and, he lowered the twin down world class listening problem relapse

11 electrelane i'm on fire singles, b-sides & live too pure

11 mono the flames beyond the cold mountain you are there temporary residence limited

11 gregor samsa even numbers 55:12 own

11 atari teenage riot too dead for me 1992-2000 digital hardcore

11 shooting at unarmed men girls music yes! tinnitus! too pure

11 serena-maneesh selina's melodie fountain serena-maneesh playlouder

11 we vs. death and how to translate it we too are concerned / we are too concerned zabel

12 part chimp do you believe in waiting to die! i am come rock action

12 the ladies black caesar / red sonja they mean us temporary residence limited

12 don caballero world class listening problem world class listening problem relapse

12 couch gegen alles bereit figur 5 morr

Artiste: don caballero
Album: world class listening problem
Label: relapse


Artiste: alcian blue
Album: -
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): grave water

Artiste: alcian blue
Album: alcian blue
Label: elephant stone
Track(s): see you shine

Artiste: alcian blue
Album: angelica take me down
Label: sarafin
Track(s): angelica take me down

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