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  EMISSION DU 09/07/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sonic youth the neutral rather ripped geffen

1 viva l´american death ray music! needle to the heart of the matter in the meantime... transsolar

3 art brut bad weekend bang bang rock & roll fierce panda

4 65daysofstatic 23kid one time for all time monotreme

5 fifty foot combo banana split ghent-bxl drunkabilly

5 the bellrays voodoo train the red, white & black poptones

7 messer chups inferno image hyena safari solnze

7 the elektrocution physical attraction v/a: bear rock festival 12ème édition bear rock

7 white circle crime club s talking written in black conspiracy

7 battles ipt2 b ep dim mak

9 two-star hotel plug it in two-star hotel soundsofsubterrania!

10 hitch opposites direct trails are ablaze! kinky star

10 haymarket riot cue mog thick

10 mudhoney it is us under a billion suns sub pop

10 ms john soda n° one while talking ep morr

10 les georges leningrad supa doopa sur les traces de black eskimo tomlab

10 31knots hearsay talk like blood polyvinyl

10 gossip eyes open standing in the way of control kill rock stars

10 heavy trash yeah baby heavy trash yep roc

10 adam green jessica friends of mine rough trade

10 mono the flames beyond the cold mountain you are there temporary residence limited

11 and you will know us by the trail of dead mach schau the secret of elena's tomb interscope

11 motormark we are the public chrome tape digital hardcore

11 kid commando rhythm beast holy kid commando ache

11 th´faith healers my loser peel sessions ba da bing!

11 the charlottes prayer song liar (best of) cherry red

11 david bowie memory of a free festival space oddity emi
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