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  EMISSION DU 09/04/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the electric ladies blues the devil red panic autoproduction

1 31knots thousand wars talk like blood polyvinyl

3 amusement parks on fire eighty eight amusement parks on fire v2

4 sonic youth the bedroom goo (deluxe edition) geffeb

5 the drift transatlantic noumena temporary residence limited

5 gin palace you want it kill-grief artrocker

7 gin palace see kicking on artrocker

7 gin palace < 40 days kicking on artrocker

7 absinthe (provisoire) cochka alejandra autoproduction

7 seasick they're all creeping on me hyeronimus inferno autoproduction

10 bearsuit drinkink team ping pong fantastic plastic

11 the ex listen to the painters turn ex

11 ostinato the art of vanishing chasing the form exile on mainstream

11 apse leer apse acuarela

11 amusement parks on fire venosa amusement parks on fire v2

11 gin palace things i used to love about you kicking on artrocker

11 subarachnoid space the red veil the red veil strange attractors audio house

12 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

12 jumbo jet (de) falling in love and asleep at the same time jumbo jet finest noise

12 ms john soda go check no p or d morr

12 upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start sadako's fury and the battle is won tap'n'tin

12 test icicles what's your damage? for screening purposes only domino

13 amusement parks on fire local boy makes god amusement parks on fire v2

Artiste: amusement parks on fire
Album: amusement parks on fire
Label: v2


Artiste: gin palace
Album: kicking on
Label: artrocker
Track(s): see / < 40 days

Artiste: gin palace
Album: kill-grief
Label: artrocker
Track(s): you want it

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