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  EMISSION DU 09/06/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mood punch esther esther autoproduction

2 eie good person good person autoproduction

3 perennial jet set mono art history safe suburban home

4 golden sun cult golden sun initiation autoproduction

5 kairos creature club deleuzean kairos creature club greenway

6 reaper´s gong heathen tears fruiting bodies anthems of the undesirable

7 other half pastoral existence dark ageism big scary monsters

8 ira glass nancy´s hell nancy´s hell fire talk

9 we fog rise to the sky sequence autoproduction

10 marcel wave peg something looming feel it

11 smush lizzy mcguire if you were here i´d be home now candlepin

12 odd snakes a few weeks the body autoproduction

13 stress pleaser bae i colombian roses colossus

14 dead things frederick holt terry clark / frederick holt crackedankles

15 perennial up-tight art history safe suburban home

16 golden sun cult regeneration initiation autoproduction

17 the dharma chain yshk nowhere anomic

18 liines holding on holding on autoproduction

19 memory foam pink tides pink tides autoproduction

20 an ocean of embers heterochromy (db live session) heterochromy (db live session) super apes

21 the oscillation mantra the start of the end all time low

22 the jesus lizard hide & seek rack ipecac

23 high friend wallaby teeth eepee ayyy autoproduction

24 vangas slow strum slow strum b/w rushing chunklet industries

25 executioner´s mask losing a fixed game ...almost there à la carte

26 kids hide riiipiiititiom variatiom autoproduction

27 we hate you please die stronger than ever chamber songs incisive

28 golomb take my life love autoproduction

29 perennial perennial meets the wolfman art history safe suburban home

30 golden sun cult ceremony of the solstice initiation autoproduction

Artiste: golden sun cult
Album: initiation
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: perennial
Album: art history
Label: safe suburban home

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