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  EMISSION DU 20/11/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 next exit to nowhere sister ego to echoes interstellar

1 autolux angry candy future perfect full time hobby

3 afrirampo i did are kore ga mayaku da tzadik

4 the o´haras want some beans? bull & beans haiku

5 excepter jrone (three) throne load

5 amp get there saint cecilia sinsemilla space age

7 amp go l'amour invisible space age

7 amp iconisis us very friendly

7 the raveonettes cops on our tail whip it on sony

7 the mae shi heartbeeps heartbeeps 5rc

10 sonic youth mary-christ goo geffen

11 the o´haras soldaten bull & beans haiku

11 afrirampo o kore ga mayaku da tzadik

11 melville buona notte, cosa nostra 17 tv themes zeiger

11 kinski the snowy parts of scandinavia alpine static sub pop

11 the dirtbombs trainwreck if you don't already have a look in the red

11 part chimp do you believe in waiting to die! i am come rock action

11 sleepy lili afterdark trees autoproduction

11 naifu kurô wa hito ni tsukimono naughty pony puppy farm

11 afrirampo nakimushikemushi good bye! kore ga mayaku da tzadik

11 the o´haras das erover bull & beans haiku

Artiste: the o´haras
Album: bull & beans
Label: haiku

Artiste: afrirampo
Album: kore ga mayaku da
Label: tzadik


Artiste: amp
Album: l'amour invisible
Label: space age
Track(s): go

Artiste: amp
Album: saint cecilia sinsemilla
Label: space age
Track(s): get there

Artiste: amp
Album: us
Label: very friendly
Track(s): iconisis


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