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  EMISSION DU 12/12/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 du-rag fried tigers du-rag cassettendienst

2 krimi kaleidoscope demo cs helta skelta

3 wives get movin´ wivez autoproduction

4 scavenger parade the luxury of thieves upheaval autoproduction

5 the zew come on down come on down numavi

6 wah together i´m a swimmer sayonara / i´m a swimmer dedstrange

7 big boy dragged down the stairs big boy autoproduction

8 thank paris syndrome thoughtless cruelty box

9 nicfit deviation fuse upset the rhythm

10 fond fruit break autoproduction

11 a place to bury strangers hold on tight see trough you dedstrange

11 prepare my glider breathe blinding lights autoproduction

12 remote reflection degrees autoproduction

13 the pleasure dome do you know better chaos chaos revolution autoproduction

14 rauchen t-rex ep iii autoproduction

15 scavenger parade a sunrise in gehenna upheaval autoproduction

17 doom flower headlights doom flower record label

18 black hill transmissions just out of reach 1985 (in my mind) autoproduction

19 naked objects bin bin autoproduction

20 dinner night more more more more gold mold

21 silicon heartbeat alien abduction silicon heartbeat it´s trash!

22 aua post human blossom the damaged organ crazysane

23 vert:x piggin´ blanket piggin´ blanket autoproduction

24 marble feather burden greyland passengers no master´s voice

25 the grasshopper lies heavy w/ tunic odd v/a: rhino body lover: a tribute to shallow north dakota learning curve

26 von stroheim headless girl headless girl autoproduction

27 white manna light cones first welcome cardinal fuzz

28 white hills blank stare blank stare heads on fire

29 scavenger parade the trails of dead youth upheaval autoproduction

30 my own on tape non wake up clocks (reissue) greed

Artiste: scavenger parade
Album: upheaval
Label: autoproduction

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