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  EMISSION DU 11/09/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie autoproduction

1 one louder matches 7.23:27 autoproduction

3 the duke spirit cuts across the land cuts across the land loog

4 lali puna small things rmx (by dntel) i thought i was over that - rare, remixed and b-sides morr

5 electroputas aa 3 the social registry

5 manual tourmaline azure vista darla

6 lost sounds clones don't love lost sounds in the red

6 human eye kill pop culture human eye in the red

6 fiel garvie outdoor miner v/a: a houseguest's wish - translations of wire's 'outdoor miner' words on music

6 scout niblett lullaby for scout in 10 years kidnapped by neptune too pure

8 esmerine le rire de l'ange aurora madrona

8 explosions in the sky your hand in mine (goodbye) friday night lights - original motion picture soundtrack hip-o

8 picastro skinnies metal cares polyvinyl

8 the duke spirit hello to the floor cuts across the land loog

8 sleater-kinney modern girl the woods sub pop

8 hang on the box heroin and cocaine for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

8 benn´s little rebellion captain trips v/a: wilde club ep. no. 4 wilde club

8 the duke spirit fades the sun cuts across the land loog

8 experimental aircraft outdoor miner v/a: a houseguest's wish - translations of wire's 'outdoor miner' words on music

8 alarmist bikini apocalypse evil works get rich or try dying evil works frenetic

8 stereo total les lapins do the bambi disko b

8 samara lubelski the fleeting skies the fleeting skies the social registry

8 the duke spirit red weather cuts across the land loog

9 tomàn deportivo catching a grizzly bear, lesson one zeal

Artiste: the duke spirit
Album: cuts across the land
Label: loog

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