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  EMISSION DU 09/05/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 can kicker self haunting demo autoproduction

2 bikini beach paranoia until the fuzz takes us la pochette surprise

3 fake fruit miscommunication fake fruit rock in your heads

4 la jungle du sang du singe fall off the apex black basset

5 bnny time walk time walk fire talk

6 squill blind whispers moon sessions lost sound tapes

7 fräulein pretty people pretty people practise music

8 soot quill pig bad news, bad habits fuzz tapes

9 chore face face b/w greenhorn autoproduction

10 pork belly scab picker live & fried autoproduction

11 mj guider viñales matanzas modemain

12 aim low hypertensive crisis broken sundial demo fest

13 hickeys motherlode motherlode autoproduction

14 crime of passing off my shoulder off my shoulder / vision talk future shock

14 fake fruit don´t put it on me fake fruit rock in your heads

15 la jungle marimba fall off the apex black basset

16 chihuahua white cane bruise violent architecture autoproduction

17 the real codington factory what they´d do about it glass burial autoproduction

18 the krimis dull dull polaks

19 moon not war vengeance celery seayou

20 torsotree sub-monochrome metro lights sessions autoproduction

21 dumb pizza slice v/a: dumb / tough age split - pizza punks mint

22 flat worms circle the guest drag city

23 des yeux mvrdar i relief eristic fuel

24 psychedelic source repeat the process in search of ancient mysteries psychedelic source

25 krupps cliff quay prospect street hot fools

26 snuff rider runtelija degenerator autoproduction

27 squid peel st. bright green field warp

28 la jungle feu l´homme fall off the apex black basset

29 fake fruit stroke my ego fake fruit rock in your heads

Artiste: la jungle
Album: fall off the apex
Label: black basset

Artiste: fake fruit
Album: fake fruit
Label: rock in your heads

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