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  EMISSION DU 08/11/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dead sister flower dead sister autoproduction

2 the new america going to the races (dressed like a racist) going to the races (dressed like a racist) autoproduction

3 lansanese sahur total anjink dugtrax

4 good sad happy bad blessed shades textile

5 herbal tea front seat painting unwrap (ep) autoproduction

6 fontanella tropelia demos infames autoproduction

7 no negative upside down world the darkening hour autoproduction

8 big scout bloke schultz bloke schultz autoproduction

9 mr sterile assembly hurre hurre skirted

10 zilched sixteen doompop young heavy souls

11 mimete backseat daygleam autoproduction

11 asenath anyox golden hours in the velvet plague golden hours in the velvet plague silvis

12 tabatha crash fast end twist araki

13 lure in agnostic cynic / agnostic anti-mind

13 lansanese blood on the floor total anjink dugtrax

14 good sad happy bad this skin shades textile

15 love tan pink shirt love tan permanent slump

17 secret nudist friends search party search party goodhowyouare

18 the eurosuite tortuga hot of depress a tant rêver du roi

19 lawsuits goose egg everything autoproduction

20 atsu got wasted massive mess massive mess autoproduction

21 yardsss cultus iii cultus self group

22 blanketman beach body national trust pias

23 hex beat antiseptic a series of kicks mangled tapes

24 lansanese aku hanya mau mas wawan total anjink dugtrax

25 good sad happy bad taking shades textile

Artiste: lansanese
Album: total anjink
Label: dugtrax

Artiste: good sad happy bad
Album: shades
Label: textile

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