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  EMISSION DU 23/09/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pip blom come home paycheck persona non grata

2 the cult of lip a glow sleep receiver rare plant

3 it it anita user guide laurent vicious circle

4 qujaku kagamie qujaku so i buried

5 happy couple feel better feel better autoproduction

5 h.grimace in the body in the body autoproduction

6 medecine boy bottom of blue lower fuzz club

6 keepers levitate keepers volar

7 deep half under armour demo autoproduction

8 vintage flowers shoreline in a sea of you autoproduction

8 vintage flowers before in a sea of you autoproduction

9 vintage flowers in a sea of you in a sea of you autoproduction

10 new primals break fall rot v/a: new primals / pinko split single autoproduction

11 we´ll go machete soft spots totentanz cedar fever

11 it it anita say no laurent vicious circle

11 qujaku zyouk qujaku so i buried

12 annabel lee black pudding black pudding luik

12 mary bell band-aid baby histrion le collectif semi-conscient

12 heartthrob chassis sister arrythmia milan

12 miracle condition stars deep red iii autoproduction

12 melting hand dust faces of earth hominid sounds

12 defenders operator error the dissonance channel autoproduction

12 qujaku hadaka no inochi qujaku so i buried

12 it it anita outboard laurent vicious circle

Artiste: qujaku
Album: qujaku
Label: so i buried

Artiste: it it anita
Album: laurent
Label: vicious circle


Artiste: vintage flowers
Album: in a sea of you
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): shoreline / before / in a sea of you

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