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  EMISSION DU 15/04/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 brnda how to perform a tombstone piledriver (with pictures) thanks for playing banana tapes

2 lonely parade i´m so tired i´m so tired buzz

3 dark times doom and gloom tell me what i need sheep chase

4 frana bet on e-era awkwardwards antena krzyku

5 grounds moral degenerate the life manual autoproduction

5 just mustard pigs wednesday autoproduction

6 wax chattels career wax chattels flying nun

6 seventeen years trash flower blueberry spirit goth

7 seventeen years drying up blueberry spirit goth

8 seventeen years wet work blueberry spirit goth

8 end time upon sight end time fully intercoastal

9 shrill tones blood rights blood rights autoproduction

10 wimps garbage people garbage people kill rock stars

10 insecure men ulster insecure men fat possum

11 dark times take it in tell me what i need sheep chase

11 frana panpo the destroyer awkwardwards antena krzyku

11 motorpsycho in the family angels and daemons at play stickman

12 motorpsycho wishing well roadwork vol. 4: intrepid skronk stickman

12 motorpsycho a song for everyone the tower stickman

12 motorpsycho into the mystic the death-defying unicorn stickman

12 motorpsycho manmower blissard stickman

12 motorpsycho the tower the tower stickman

12 frana there will be the cotton candy awkwardwards antena krzyku

12 dark times pinhole tell me what i need sheep chase

Artiste: frana
Album: awkwardwards
Label: antena krzyku

Artiste: dark times
Album: tell me what i need
Label: sheep chase


Artiste: seventeen years
Album: blueberry
Label: spirit goth
Track(s): trash flower / drying up / wet work


Honest House - Spéciale Motorpsycho

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