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  EMISSION DU 10/04/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

1 dreamend the almighty as if by ghosts grafeface

1 todd miss longhornspeedway purity pledge southern

4 stereo total je suis nue do the bambi disko b

5 next exit to nowhere space cowboy of the theatre tales from nowhere interstellar

5 timonium resting places suspende animation pehr

6 timonium crushed discs resist education pehr

6 timonium populations until he finds us pehr

6 hang on the box konchiwa tokyo di di di bad news

6 engine down far from now demure lovitt

8 mono a thousand paper cranes walking cloud and deep red sky, flag fluttered and the sun shined ryko disc

8 edgar (animo) et vos jambes s'occupent de descendre la 5ème marche v/a: 2004/concours circuit court circuit

8 stereo total les lapins do the bambi disko b

8 the 5,6,7,8´s road runner teenage mojo workout sweet nothing

8 naifu last week's milk naughty pony puppy farm

8 mogwai kappa government commissions - bbc sessions 1996-2003 pias/bbc

8 furious pilots satisfy now v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

8 my bloody valentine paint a rainbow v/a: rough trade shops - indie pop 1 mute

8 and you will know us by the trail of dead caterwaul worlds apart interscope

8 sennen just wanted to know collected recordings 2003/2004 autoproduction

8 stereo total la gymnastique do the bambi disko b

Artiste: stereo total
Album: do the bambi
Label: disko b


Artiste: timonium
Album: resist education
Label: pehr
Track(s): crushed discs

Artiste: timonium
Album: suspende animation
Label: pehr
Track(s): resting places

Artiste: timonium
Album: until he finds us
Label: pehr
Track(s): populations

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