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  EMISSION DU 19/10/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sleater-kinney jumpers the woods sub pop

2 the beverleys bad company the beverleys ep buzz

3 baños y baños stereonucelosis singles going broke kunstwaffe

4 dear eloise scenery farewell to the summer maybe mars

5 baton rouge hypn-o-sonic totem purepain sugar

5 minot the left hand of darkness equal / opposite golden antenna

6 baby fire victory the red robe off

6 perfect pussy driver say yes to love captured tracks

6 child abuse child abuse trouble in paradise skin graft

6 ian crause foreign land the vertical axis autoproduction

8 ian crause more earthly concerns the vertical axis autoproduction

8 ian crause a world of ghosts the vertical axis autoproduction

8 thisquietarmy revival mmxiv rebirths tokyo jupiter

8 dear eloise about the world that behind light farewell to the summer maybe mars

8 baños y baños night trading singles going broke kunstwaffe

8 poutre satanic factories voglio di piu katatak

8 jessica93 poison who cares et mon cul c´est du tofu?

8 lucertulas caronte anatomyak robotradio

8 his electro blue voice sea bug ruthless sperm sub pop

9 la jungle caracala la jungle autoproduction

9 jubilé strange idea songs of the cold north katatak

9 it it anita f# it it anita honest house

9 baños y baños steve hawkwind singles going broke kunstwaffe

9 dear eloise room farewell to the summer maybe mars

Artiste: baños y baños
Album: singles going broke
Label: kunstwaffe

Artiste: dear eloise
Album: farewell to the summer
Label: maybe mars


Artiste: ian crause
Album: the vertical axis
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): foreign land / more earthly concerns / a world of ghosts

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