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  EMISSION DU 05/11/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 home tim's entry sexteen brah

1 th´faith healers new number two peel sessions ba da bing!

3 jessica bailiff what's inside your mind? feels like home kranky

4 carla bozulich pissing evangelista constellation

5 the delgados under canvas under wraps the complete bbc peel sessions chemikal underground

5 autone 17 raisons - autoproduction

6 next exit to nowhere lost space - autoproduction

6 next exit to nowhere love is a sweet melody - autoproduction

6 exene cervenka and the original sinners it ain't supposed to be exene cervenka and the original sinners nitro

6 the o´haras want some beans? bulls & beans haiku

8 hitch question.answer.question we are electric! vlas vegas

8 think about life commander riker's party think about life alien8

8 shooting at unarmed men a horse by day is a horse by night yes! tinnitus! too pure

8 jessica bailiff we were once feels like home kranky

8 michel polnareff lettre à france la compilation sony

8 electrelane film music singles, b-sides & live too pure

8 serena-maneesh your blood in mine serena-maneesh playlouder

8 dada swing pick up you v/a: fields and streams kill rock stars

8 jessica bailiff spiral dream feels like home kranky

8 next exit to nowhere sister ego to echoes interstellar

Artiste: jessica bailiff
Album: feels like home
Label: kranky


Artiste: autone
Album: -
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): 17 raisons

Artiste: next exit to nowhere
Album: -
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): lost space / love is a sweet melody


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