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  EMISSION DU 08/01/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miss alex white and the red orchestra in a hole miss alex white and the red orchestra in the red

1 the projects no revolutions let's get static track & field

3 deerhoof twin killers the runners four 5rc/kill rock stars

4 the warlocks thursday's radiation surgery mute

5 the telescopes the hypnotic pulse of the motor driven #4 antenna

5 mute unµting tagawa muting

6 next exit to nowhere sister ego to echoes interstellar

6 naifu violet naughty pony puppy farm

6 the american analog set immaculate heart 1 set free morr

6 motormark hold your tongue chrome tape digital hardcore

8 new black meerkats stand tall time attack thick

8 help she can´t swim fermez la bouche fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

8 the duke spirit cuts across the land cuts across the land loog

8 sleater-kinney entertain the woods sub pop

8 deerhoof spirit ditties of no tone the runners four 5rc/kill rock stars

8 50 foot wave long painting golden ocean 4ad

8 scout niblett not to death kidnapped by neptune too pure

8 electrelane those pockets are people axes too pure

8 electrelane the partisan axes too pure

8 the vera violets the last kiss the last kiss daydream delay

8 a frames negative a frames sub pop

8 art brut bad weekend bang bang rock & roll fierce panda

8 deerhoof spy on you the runners four 5rc/kill rock stars

9 hrsta une infinité de trous en forme d'hommes stem stem in electro constellation

Artiste: deerhoof
Album: the runners four
Label: 5rc/kill rock stars


Artiste: next exit to nowhere
Album: ego to echoes
Label: interstellar
Track(s): sister

Artiste: mute
Album: tagawa
Label: muting
Track(s): unµting

Artiste: naifu
Album: naughty pony
Label: puppy farm
Track(s): violet

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